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Our Top 5 Fundraising for Sports Teams

fundraising for sports teams

Fundraising for sports teams can be a daunting task but one that really is enjoyable especially with the support system you have around you. Create a dedicated team within your organisation that takes it under their wing to help your club thrive throughout the community. It does require efforts and endeavours from everyone within the programme but with enough motivation and inspiration it can be made fun and engaging for everyone involved.

Why do you need Event Photography

why do you need event photography

On numerous occasions we have been asked by event organisers, do you need to outsource your event photography? Everyone at the event has a camera, don’t they? Why do you need one more photograph when the audience already took hundreds?


cheerleading season cancelled

Well unfortunately the season cancelled and wiped from beneath our feet. Hey ho, lets not look at the negative. Let’s look at all of the positives which the 2019/2020 season has had to offer.