You’re cheerleading coaches, program directors. You bring your skill and your passion for the world of Cheerleading. And boy! Are you great at what you do!

But isn’t there more to running and promoting a group of cheerleaders than coaching? What about all the marketing and admin?


Each is a vital element of your cheerleading business. With competition ever increasing, each demands your constant attention. None of them will look after themselves.

Do you really have the time to do all the marketing stuff yourself? Do you have the expertise? Even more important – do you want to be spending hours every week scratching your head over social media posts, uploading images or updating your website?

Well – the good news is – that the hassle ends here!

Expert marketing support for the world of Cheerleading

Rather than list all the benefits of our creative support, why don’t we simply show you … with a handful of client examples?

Creative Marketing Support - Whats the cost?

We’ve spent years working closely with the Cheerleading and children’s activities sector. We love what they do. We’re keen to support them by keeping our prices as affordable as possible. So, although our prices are low, the value you get is high.

How much you pay depends on the hours you ask us to put in. The pricing structure looks like this:


Minimum 4 hours a month
£ 27
per hour


Minimum 7 hours a month
£ 25
per hour
Most Popular


Minimum 10 hours a month
£ 22
per hour

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Running a successful cheerleading or gym group is one thing. Doing the behind-the-scenes stuff is another. We understand the sector, and we’d love to hear from you. Shouldn’t we be talking?

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