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EP 004 with Caroline of Cheer From Head To Toe

We had the absolute pleasure of welcome along the wonderful Caroline to have a chat about the various things she has been up to during the lockdown period. Give it a watch and a thumbs up if you love it as we know we sure do……

If you are new to the Cheerleading world then let’s give you a little bit of a background of Caroline from Cheer From Head To Toe :

Cheer From Head To Toe was started in 2011 because there was a poor representation of the talented athletes and programmes in the UK. They decided to create a frequently updated resource for the British Cheer community. A place where British Cheerleader, Cheer-dancer, coaches everyone! Could find information on British cheer news, competitions, reviews on products, cheer camps and so much more. Cheer from Head To Toe Product reviews is a source of quality content.

Their readers want to know what they think about products and services that relate to the British cheer community. Cheer from Head To Toe blog is their resource for topic-related information, and – by providing this resource – they can assist their readers with useful information that impacts buying decisions. Product reviews are search engine gold and our reviews can bring a massive amount of new visitors to your brand.

Watch it now – Cheer from Head to Toe

You can follow Caroline and the CFHTT family through the following methods:

FACEBOOK | https://www.facebook.com/CFHTT

INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/cheerfromheadtotoeuk/

TWITTER | https://twitter.com/Cheerfromheadto

BLOG | https://cheerfromheadtotoe.wordpress.com/

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