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Portrait Day

Portrait Day for Sports Teams, Gyms and Schools

Happy smiles beaming out from rows of excited young faces. School leavers jumping for joy. Sports teams proudly parading the champion’s trophy. These are the photos that mark the moment – forever. The moment when schoolfriends or teammates come together, sometimes for the last time, to celebrate successes and friendships.

We’re versatile – attending all kinds of activities – such as gyms and dance schools. We specialise in Cheerleading groups too.

At JPAD UK, we bring together years of experience and know-how to capture these moments with stunning, perfectly composed photographs.

We work with all kinds of large groups. Over the years, we’ve built an unmatched reputation for delivering the same consistent, high-quality photography with every commission we undertake. Large groups, small groups, individual portraits – you’ll be sure to receive a collection of beautifully presented photographs.

Remembering life’s landmarks with picture- perfect group photography

cheerleading showcase

Fundraise with our Showcase Service

Are you looking to raise money for the new season, perhaps a new bit of equipment for your gym or school. Showcases are a great way to do this by inviting your friends, family and local community to show off what you and your athletes have been working so hard for. 

As well as having stalls, merchandise and tickets to attend we can be an additional bonus for you as we will come along, photograph all the activities and then make those photos available online to view and potentially purchase in print or digital format. 

How is this a bonus to you, you ask. Well you earn a commission on the sales which are made from the photos. 

Professional, efficient & friendly school and sports portrait service

Schools are busy places – with demanding timetables. The last thing you need is a photo session that loses your children hours of valuable classroom time. Both the children and parents will love the results – top quality photos of children looking relaxed, each with wide, happy smiles. We work in a relaxed way, but we’re quick and efficiently. No fuss, no hassle, minimal disruption. We achieve this through …

… experience, planning and attention to detail

We’re trained and DBS checked. We have a genuine love for photography. Along with our natural and relaxed way with children, we’re ideally placed to deliver the premium quality service demanded by your school or sports club.

Our highly-trained photographers will skilfully fill every frame, ensuring that every student and teacher can be seen, looking their best!

Talk to us about School or Sports Team Portrait Days.

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