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EP 009 Tez Shackleton of British Cheerleading Association (BCA Cheer & Dance)

What an absolutely fantastic to have on for this episode of JPAD Tune In. Very well known within the UK Cheerleading world we present Mr Tez Shackleton. Known by many for his bubbly personality but also as Director of The British Cheerleading Association we had a great chance to discuss all things cheer and even though we have known him since we started, little did we know he originally wanted to work in a Zoo.

Check out this awesome episode as Tez gives some great inspirational words to those wondering what on earth to do during the strange times of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Another amazing thing about Tez is he is offering FREE zoom classes for all teams so if it is something of interest you can get in touch with him directly on Facebook using the following link:


If you have never heard of the BCA, here is a little insight for you:

Formed in 1984, the BCA is the UK’s original Cheerleading event provider. Its mission is to educate coaches, cheerleaders and supporters in this inclusive and accessible sport. Through Cheerleading the BCA welcomes both children and adults of all abilities and backgrounds and promotes and supports active and healthy lifestyles. The BCA is a market leader in providing Cheerleading competitions and training. Their emphasis on safety has gained them a reputation for excellence in their field. They continued to build on their expertise ensuring that the experiences they offer are safe, friendly, exciting, educational and fun!

The BCA is a proud member of the International All-Star Federation (IASF) and is also the recognised English federation for the European Cheer Union (ECU).

Check out more at:


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