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EP 012 Ella Dolcey of ENDchoreo – Starting a business during COVID

It was fabulous to welcome to JPAD Tune In the lovely Ella Dolcey of ENDchoreo recently. ENDchoreo enables both New & Experienced Coaches to meet their Training & Competitive Goals by offering:
  • Fully Choreographed Routines & Choreographed Sections
  • Routine Reviews & Upgrades
  • Choreography, Stunt, Tumble & Jumps Camps
  • Virtual Training

It was great to find out what Ella has been doing through the pandemic and where she plans to go in the future as lockdown restrictions are released. We wish her all the best which I’m sure she doesn’t need as she is going crazy online.

Get yourselves booked in today by using the following links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ENDchoreo

Email: endchoreo@gmail.com

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