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EP 014 Jason Tiede of JMT Choreography

Absolutely wonderful to talk with Jason Tiede of JMT Choreography discussing his Cheer journey, finding out where he came from and where he is now. He has been back to the UK 3 times now providing his choreography services but has only visited a small fraction of the country.

When travel is allowed, he plans to do a two-month trip and let’s see if we can get him around the country exploring what the UK has to offer other than “convention centres”.

GET IN TOUCH with Jason at JMT Choreography Today:

Web: https://www.nycjmt.com/

Email: JMTchoreography@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jaybird8512/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JMT-Choreography-561845017228377/

For the past 17 years, Jason has lived and breathed cheerleading and gymnastics. Beginning his career with a dance company, he quickly climbed the ranks and was placed on the varsity cheer team all four years of high school.

As an athlete, he went on to win numerous All Star national championships, and compete in world finals back-to-back years. Inspired by the result of hard work and dedication, he made the decision to further his career as an instructor.

Since he has coached over 1,000 All Star cheerleaders. His teams have followed in his footsteps to win national titles as well as qualify for Worlds on many occasions.

His passion lies in mentoring athletes of all ages and skill levels on and off the mat. Using discipline and guidance, his interactive coaching style assists in the development of positive, respectful, and driven young adults. In addition to his leadership skills, he is recognized for his choreography and judging expertise. ​

His achievements have awarded him the opportunity to choreograph national commercials, coach on MTV’s “Made”, and take his talents global.

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