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EP 019 Postie by day, Cheerleader by night | Jess Mortimer of East Coast Tigers

Another week, another fantastic guest! This time we had the pleasure of welcoming Jess Mortimer of East Coast Tigers onto JPAD Tune In to see what she and the rest of ECT have been up to, how they are moving forward and their plans for the future.

It’s fabulous to see the different way in which programs are run throughout the UK. East Coast Tigers are Scarborough’s only competitive cheerleading programme. Re-established in 2016, the team now have their own dedicated training facility and 130 members spread over our competitive and recreational teams. ​

Their goal at East Coast Tigers is to provide a safe, positive environment for the young people involved. They pride themselves in being a tight family unit, where all new members are quickly made to feel like part of the family. Their athletes not only learn the skills involved in cheerleading, but also the value of teamwork, discipline, commitment and sportsmanship, which are skills that can be transferred into all aspects of their lives. Throughout the season their athletes create friendships like no other, all whilst having fun and working hard towards a common goal.

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