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EP 022 Rotherham Cheer Academy

It was absolutely fabulous to welcome onto JPAD Tune-In Coach Laura of 230 Intensives. Was fantastic to hear what she has been up to and how she has developed and built a business in Lockdown to being very busy in-demand workshop offering

We introduce to the three amigos of Rotherham Cheerleading Academy. What an absolute pleasure it was to invite these three along to have a chat in good old fashion Tune In Style.

Having first met these guys in Worcester at their first ever competition as a programme it was absolutely wonderful to see the bursting energy from every single athlete that ran, that’s right ran through the doors when they opened. With turquoise and orange plats in their hair these guys really demonstrated what Cheer is all about!

In this episode we discuss how this programme went from just starting out not so long ago to be a thriving gym that is ever growing in membership. If you haven’t already you are certainly going to want to connect with these guys and follow their journey throughout the seasons as there are big things to come on and off the mat.

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