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EP 005 JPAD Tune In with Theo Mayne of Mayne Allstars

We had an absolute blast chatting to this guest! Motivation, Inspiration and so passionate about everything he does. Theo Mayne of Mayne Allstars

I introduce Theo Mayne, Programme Director of Mayne Allstars. A fantastic programme located in Leeds looking to settle into a permanent home. Give it a watch and find out more about the amazing project which Theo is embarking on……

Follow Mayne Allstars on their journey:



Talk to Theo:


Find out more about the East Leeds Community | THE MAYNE PROJECT:

“Which is project to welcome all abilities, ages, genders, race and sexuality’s to a diverse sport and create multiple opportunities for children, young adults and adults for their future.

We want to recognise that there is other sports out there that can offer brilliant outcomes and our sport is one of them.

We also want to lower the percentage of children, young adults and adults that are exposed to street crime or may have no sporting options to choose after those school doors close.

Cheerleading is a brilliant sport as it includes teamwork, Discipline, Punctuality, trust amongst others and so much more. It also gives those involved the opportunity to travel the UK and Europe competing against other teams.

We need your help to open our Facility and help our community and the neglected children that might not find other sports interesting.

It’s time to share our creativity and our passion for a sport we love and help others become amazing athletes and open many doors for their future”


Racheal Smart of Cheerforce Ten

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